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Blend on the go!

Luxurious design

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Health on the go!

FreshJuice is a portable blender that helps you enjoy your favorite drink wherever you are. Time is precious, so stop putting off your wellness and treat yourself!

Wireless charging.

Our FreshJuice portable blender comes with a charging station that can be powered by any USB source such as a power bank, laptop, or computer.

With the ability to charge at a faster rate, FreshJuice is the perfect addition to any on-the-go lifestyle.

About Us

FreshJuice is a portable device that can make a smoothie in a matter of seconds. It's a bottle, blender, and energy booster all in one. It's perfect for on the go and it's easy to use.

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Start your wellness journey with FreshJuice!

You’ll never worry about forgetting the lid again. The magnetic introduction technology prevents your blending from starting if the lid is separated from the jar

Ditch your heavy blender for a portable lightweight juicer that can give you an instant refreshment at any time!

The powerful battery holds enough charge to sustain 8 to 10 blends before requiring a recharge.